Engelse advocaat den haag


Özdemir Advocaten is a Dutch law firm based in The Hague and has an office location in Istanbul. With 20 years of experience in Dutch and recently also in Turkish law, our firm has helped many clients in the Netherlands, Turkey and elsewhere. Our policy is to provide services to clients with legal issues in Turkey and the Netherlands. Özdemir Advocaten firm’s areas of expertise include labour, civil, tax, immigration, terrorism, (international) criminal law, Dutch and Turkish law. By providing Turkish law Özdemir Advocaten aims to provide a bridge for Dutch clients to the Turkish legal system. We offer accessible attorneys who are able to communicate with you in English, German, Dutch and the Turkish language.

Özdemir Advocaten is therefore exceptionally a good alternative to assist you, should you find yourself in the position of facing any legal trial one day.

Özdemir Advocaten is a member of the Dutch National Bar council (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten), the Dutch Association of Defence Council (Nederlandse Vereniging van Strafrechtadvocaten) and the Organization for Migration (Stichting Migratierecht Nederland).

Özdemir Advocaten and The Foreign Fighters Phenomenon

With the beginning of the Syrian war an amount of so-called “foreign-fighters” have been leaving their European countries of residence to join the Syrian revolt against the Assad regime. The current situation concerning the repatriation of foreign fighters has been an issue for many European countries including the Netherlands. Özdemir Advocaten has experience regarding cases based on the returning, revoking nationality and the criminal proceedings of foreign fighters.